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Orkut now supports RSS feeds

Want to share your photos from Fotolog, Picasa Web Albums or Flickr? Have a blog on Blogger, WordPress or LiveJournal?

Now, you can add your blog, photos, events, bookmarks and more to your orkut profile. Add the website or RSS/Atom feed address and orkut will automatically import it and fetch new items.

For the layman, any blog/photoalbum of yours or any other website which supports RSS feeds can now be added to your Orkut account and be viewable through your Orkut profile.

Orkut scrap helper

Right now…when you have to reply someone you have scrapped, you need to open their profile, then their scrapbook, then enter your message and click submit.
With Orkut scrap helper, you can do it in just a single click. A small reply box appears next to every scrap on your scrapbook, where you can enter your message and click submit from your scrapbook itself. Very useful…gives some much deserved rest to our click obsessed fingers!