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Anybody seen this movie?

Hollywood needs AMERICA to save the world... we only need Vijayakant.
Indian movies will always be an eye opener. And here's why!

Here is a story of Vijaykant's(Local Famous Tamil Hero) next (Tamil)
movie. It is named "Captain Planet"(WOW !!! where do they get these

Vijaykant is a scientist in NASA.......( yes folks..........u read that
right. NASA...the American space lab- A very big set designed for this
by kalaipuli S.Dhaanu, fully stocked with machines with hundreds of
flashing buttons and cardboard cum aluminium foil rockets).

When our hero is busy launching a satellite to Pluto, his wife simran
is about to deliver a baby and wants to meet him. But the launch process
badly need a person like our hero, and there is no other option. Senior
scientist Radha asks him to stay back till it is launched. Our commited
hero successfully launches the satellite, and comes back home on a
horse (where have all the planes, cars, etc gone.??....:)), but alas! his
wife, meanwhile dies in childbirth. In the meanwhile, other scientists
atNASA claim that they're responsible for the launch and dont recognise
Vijaykanth and his work. He resigns from his job there and comes back
to india with his family and they all get down to leading a peaceful
life. Days go by until......

One day, the scientists, to their surprise find that SUN is closing the
gap between itself and EARTH slowly and after a while, will BURN the
earth to ashes.. All the scientists are working on saving the EARTH..
That's when they realize that only "THE HERO" (Vijaykanth) can do it...

They visit India and tell him the facts and Vijaykant returns to NASA
to save the EARTH...After a lot of research,Vijaykant invents an
instrument that will deflect the SUN from its collision path with EARTH.. All
the scientist are very happy and appreciate Vijaykanth's invention. So
finally Vijaykant is all set to go into the SPACE and save the earth.
He and his crew of one (Chandra sekhar, a prisoner in Vellore Jail, has
been choosen by our hero because nobody in US army can do that
job)travel in an spacecraft towards the SUN.

They move out of earth's atmosphere and are finally in space. Vijaykant
emerges from the spacecraft and stands on the wings of the spacecraft,
takes out the instrument and waves it in the direction of the SUN.....
Panic!!! The instrument does not work...

The terrorists have deactivated it !!!(Since they seem to be ahead of
us in terms of planning, infrastructure and technology, will it be such
a bad deal if they win?) All the scientists are worried back at the
base on the earth.....tension mounts up (as does the shrill

SUN closes in on the spacecraft............. Climax - When the SUN
floats past the spacescraft, VIJAYKANTH plants one leg firmly on the
spacecraft, turns back, and ninja style, kicks the SUN back with tremendous
force.. and jumps back into the spacecraft.... The SUN is deflected away
from its path to EARTH!!!!!!!!!!! EARTH has been SAVED...

He waves the Indian flag (freely available on all spacecrafts) and they
return to earth! The End (a happy one of course!)