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Practical lies are very much a part our lives today.
Pause for a moment and think how much you’ve lied throughout the day- at work, at home, with friends etc etc.
Be honest, and you’ll see the results for yourself. Infact, by the time we grow up, we get so accustomed to lying that we don’t even realize when we do it. It just becomes a sort of mental reflex system invoked to keep us out of tricky scenarios.

It is a natural and practical human tendency, and hence acceptable. The disturbing fact here is, our mind has been so conditioned to it, that it has begun to believe in the lies, accepting them as the truth. I have seen this trait in many people. When they get an uncomfortable truth as the response to their query, which they themselves would have answered with a “practical lie”, they would not accept it. They will tell you in your face that you’re lying.